Theon Cross – Postponed until September – More details here.

Live streamed to over 140 Bluesound authorized dealers around the world
Streamed in MQA studio quality
Theon Cross
Postponed until September 2020
More details to come

What is it?

Join the live performance from anywhere

The Master Sessions is a new and exclusive live-streamed concert event series presented in a curated listening party format. Anyone can participate in the live event experience at over 100 Bluesound authorized dealers around the globe. Each concert is streamed in real-time using MQA’s groundbreaking audio technology, capable of streaming master quality audio.

ESSENTIAL INSTALL 'It really was a highly impressive demonstration of how cutting-edge digital technology can marry up with the best musicians around to deliver new and exciting experiences for fans.' Daniel Sait - Essential Install HEADLINER ‘The collaboration brought together a partnership of experts and tastemakers in the music and technology worlds…to articulate the power of pioneering audio technology and create better listening experiences.’ Paul Watson - Headliner WHAT HI-FI? ‘Horns shall be tooted in the name of hi-res audio’ Tom Parsons - What Hi-Fi?

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TIDAL Masters Jazz re:freshed playlist

featuring: SEED Ensemble and Theon Cross
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